November 28, 2019

Ways You Can Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever!

Just some months ago, we entered 2019; however, the year is gradually coming to an end. Have you been able to achieve your goals for this outgoing year? Can you say that 2019 is your best year ever? Whatever your answer is, yo...

February 20, 2019

6 Tips for Setting Winning Goals for 2019

            Although it is late February and well into the New Year, it is never too late to or too early to set goals for the current or following year. It may be more appealing...

January 31, 2019

Comparison is natural in humans, it has somehow become a valid measurement for how good or bad we are doing in our own lives. But comparison is bad and always causes a downward spiral with a long rugged climb back to the top. This is where positive self-talk comes in....

July 15, 2018

How to Finish Out 2018 on a Great Note

The year is a little beyond the half way point, but there is still a lot of time before the year ends. So don’t be doubtful that there is still a lot you can do in the time that is left, how can you do that?

There a quite a few ways...

April 5, 2018


When asked questions like ‘do you love yourself?’ or ‘do you love who you have become?’ The answer is almost always in the affirmative.

The question would be can we confidently profess this self-love when it comes to actions? Be...

March 12, 2018

Would you like to get in on the Cryptocurrency Millions?

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February 1, 2018

This year on February 8th I will be turning 46 years old. I am way too excited….

I know you are probably wondering what in the world is wrong with her?? J Trust me I am as normal as you are, but being that we were created to create and determine what we experience by ho...

December 27, 2017

Awesome Self-Care Ways You Bring in the New Year

"New year! New me!!" Does this expression sound familiar? It's an expression that the vast majority of us guarantee toward the start of each New Year. We set resolutions and goals, yet in some cases I contemplate a stando...

December 7, 2017

Why the Glass is Half-Full

Once upon a time I wanted to know how are some people upbeat all the time?  Other people that were around me found these type of always happy and upbeat people somewhat annoying.  I admired them because i wanted to know what the secret was. Wh...

November 20, 2017

How to Remain Happy and Positive During the Holidays

Whatever season it is, Thanksgiving or Christmas, some people dread to hear the word "holiday". This could be attributed to the reason that they are no longer with their loved ones which would eventually make the holi...

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