Everything You Seek is Seeking You.  – Rumi.
By far my favorite quote.
It has so much meaning and a far deeper message. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that a few times life was kicking my ass! I mean in the choke hold and chicken wing at the same damn time with me gasping for air not sure how or if I would make it out of that stronghold. I have had my share of rock bottoms at times not knowing if I would ever see beyond that level or how to even begun to dig my way up to the surface.  In the beginning, I had my life all planned out I’m sure many can relate to that. The plan was to marry my high school sweetheart, join the Air Force, runoff in excitement, buy the home with the white picket fence, have children, build my career in the military and live happily ever after.
Things didn’t quite work out that way. I was kicked out of high school & barred from attending and even being on any school property in my city and had to get permission to graduate with the rest of my graduating class. My relationship with my high school sweetheart turned abusive and toxic with many, many infidelities with major blows to my esteem and self- worth unknowingly at the time leaving me subconsciously & mentally damaged and broken. Leading me on a repetitive cycle of physically and mentally abusive relationships all while struggling to learn how to love myself.  I was arrested a day after my 18th birthday which led me on a long road and even longer criminal record  including years of bond hearings, police run-ins, magistrate appearances, jail sentences, and court cases eventually landing me in federal prison 700 miles away from home.
I had always searched for things outside of myself and quite frankly didn't know where to begin to look to find a solution. Until I looked in the mirror and finally I decided this is NOT HOW MY LIFE WILL END!
I made the conscious decision to move past what was already done I couldn’t change those things. I was going to learn from those lessons, I was going to heal myself, and I was going to devote time and energy to what I needed. My children deserved better I deserved better.  I was going to love & save MYSELF!
I began to find anything that would aid me on my new journey and the more I sought things that would help me get on the right path and change my life the more those things would find me. Things began to present themselves out of the blue it seemed yet things weren’t easy in the beginning as I was attempting to unlearn things and and relearn things. But as I begin to apply these things and techniques that I was learning into my life I started to notice change a HUGE change.
With every passing day, things were changing the place I started to find myself I could have never imagined in a million years. I never thought I would find happiness and I never dreamed I would find compassion and  love and that I would find these things within myself. I was so amazed and compelled I decided that I had to get this information out there for others who had been thru many ups and downs as I had and those people that were at that very moment searching for what what searching for them and were finally saying ENOUGH!
My name is Rachael Reed and I am the proud owner and CEO of Think Big Dream Big, Goddess by Rachael Reed, Goddess Lifestyle, RMW Investment Group & Cannabis Club Exclusive.
I am a self improvement motivational speaker and coach and  I offer self-help/self-improvement and personal growth books, courses and products to aid in your personal journey. I am the author of 26 self published books on both Amazon & Barnes and Nobles as well as many other platforms that focus on subjects such as growth, self-love, self-awareness, self-care, the subconscious mind and finding happiness.  A summary of my books are “The Goddess Workbook” ‘My Goals for Greatness,’ ‘You Should Know,’ ‘Positive Affirmations: Change Your Life in 30 Days,’ ‘You are Perfect,’ and “Social Media Detox” just to name a few!
I also started and dedicated a clothing line to my and every woman’s inner Goddess. We are powerful beyond what we could ever believe and I encourage every woman to own and walk in their power Goddess by Rachael Reed reminds you whether tilted, crooked or barely hanging on your crown is still there. We are strong, we are courageous, we are beautiful, we are intelligent, we are love, and we are worthy.
I encourage you today to take that first step which is to step into your power and decide that you are worthy of the life you seek to manifest for yourself you are enough. Pick up that pen and rewrite your story, outline that next chapter in your life because you are the author & you say how your life will end. You did not end up here by chance.
Everything You Seek Is Seeking You
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Rachael Reed