Damaged credit history and poor credit scores can throw a big wrench into your financial life.

You’ll have more difficulty obtaining loans, homes and credit cards and even jobs which may discourage you. If you do get a loan or credit card, you’ll usually pay a higher interest rate than people who have higher credit scores. You also won’t be eligible for credit cards with the best rewards and benefits.

However, if you have bad credit, don’t despair there are several practical ways to begin reversing your situation and put yourself on track toward good credit.

There are key steps involved in repairing your credit:


Assess your credit situation.


Dispute inaccurate credit report information.


Pay down debts.


Learn about responsible credit habits.


Build new credit.


Enjoy the Life You Deserve


In this E-Book we will go ever the steps you can take to start improving your credit. It also includes 41 Credit Letters you can submit to credit bureaus already done all you do is add your information and mail.


These letters include:


  • Closed Account Removal Letter
  • Debt Collection Dispute Letter
  • Remove Credit Inquiries Letter
  • 30 Day No Response Letter
  • Chex System Dispute Letter
  • Bankruptcy Removal Letter
  • And So Many More

Start You New Credit Journey Today


DIY Credit Repair