Part of my memoir series. This is my personal story in my quest for self love and how it all started. After many mentally, physically and emotionally failed relationships. I knew I had to find the love within my self. I had to heal and move forward for Me. I was continuing a cycle that I had to break. Its often said that you cant love anybody else until you learn to love   yourself. I never in a million years felt there was an issue with how I felt about myself or how deeply I cared about myself until I took the first steps to become a better me until The Mirror Technique. We all have a story to tell some may choose to tell their own story others may choose to sweep it under the rug. I strongly believe that there is a lesson in everything and your story may inspire someone else always know that you are not alone and not one single person that walks this earth is perfect. Here is my true story of my personal journey.This is one story of many and I hope it helps or aids someone else in any way possible.  


Life and Times of Rachael Reed : The Mirror Experience