Creating goals is a powerful skill that we can and should teach our children. Goals help them have a greater sense of self, of self-control, guidance and confidence to last a lifetime. Little by little, your child can develop a sense of their authentic self. By teaching your child how to listen to his or her inner voice and vocation, you will find that he or she will set larger goals for his or herself that are achievable within the construct of self-control. This teaches your child to believe in his or her own capacity, sense of ability, self-efficacy, and self-control. Through the positive experience of goal setting, your child can learn about his or herself, by taking responsibility for his or her own behavior. This will teach your child the boundaries of his or her own capacity. By helping your child to consciously and deliberately overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals, you will enable them to deliberately make the right choices for themselves.

My Goals for Greatness (Boys)

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