In the age of information it seems there is truly not much information that serves the African American community very well. It is up to each and every person individually to research information and find out what we need to know and be aware of aside from the celebrity gossip, reality television, sports and everything else that is aimed to keep us unaware of the real subjects and matters at hand or even realizing what could be keys to u living a better life and opening doors we couldn't imagine possible. Within the past few years there has been more wars more elections more police brutality more issues that deserve our Attention for the betterment of ourselves and our children. We all our on our own journey but I have found it in myself and in my own spirit to spread the knowledge I have learned that may lead you to discover other knowledge and wisdom for yourself. A lot of us don't know how things work and truly believe that the hand we were dealt cant be changed or undone. Realizing and stepping into your own power requires the first step and that's admitting that you need and want the knowledge you seek to do so. Without this choice there is no change. In this book we will touch base on important topics such as
-The Power of your mind
- Social Engineering
- The Rothschild and the 1%
- White Dominance
- The Media
- Know Thyself Learn Thyself
- Religion vs. Spirituality
- The God within you
- Your Pineal Gland
- Visualizing
- Black History did not start with slavery
- Honoring our Ancestors
- Everything is Energy
- Investing in yourself and your community
- Formal Education vs Educating yourself
- Alkaline diets growing your own foods
- Do not let them attack your mind body or spirit
This is the tip of the surface to the journey you will begin I am not here to condemn but to awaken. May you take the information you need step into your wisdom and power and never look back. Power is within you

You Should Know

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