5 Ways to Think Bigger and Dream Bigger

5 Ways to Think Bigger and Dream Bigger

A lot of people say that thinking and dreaming big is the key to accomplishing your biggest or most complicated goals, but it’s hard to know where to start. Giving yourself some time to sit down and really think about what you want to accomplish is just the first part of thinking big. Creating a plan that you can follow up on, and staying motivated while you tackle your goals a little at a time can help you make a big thought a reality.

If you think and dream big, you can achieve much more in business. It doesn't matter whether you completely understand the proper business mindset to have, or if you're just starting to employ its practices and focus on what is important to you. By having big ideas and settling for nothing less, you will be setting the precedent for your business to grow and succeed a certain way, whether you expected it to do so or not. If you have big goals and the right business mindset, the rest of your business will fall into place as it needs to, with little assistance from you in most cases.

Remember when you were young?

All those thoughts and dreams you had? Nothing was impossible then because you didn't know any better! Nowadays, if you even catch a glimpse of yourself daring to think and dream bigger, you stop that thought immediately. How dare your mind think big? Doesn't it know its place? Well actually, it is possible to think and dream big. But you need to shift how your mind thinks about things, otherwise it will set out to sabotage your every move.

You could start with some small shifts - think just slightly bigger - a comfier chair in the office, that kind of thing. But chances are that won't really do much and your mind will start to hem you in again at the first available opportunity. Instead, set a big goal and break it down into lots of small steps. In much the same way that you wouldn't take a walk in one giant leap. Then make sure that you complete at least one of these steps each day. At first, you may need to force yourself to do them. Then, after a few weeks, they'll start to become habit.

Keep a chart or a spreadsheet of your main goal and all those small steps you need to take to accomplish the big goal. Mark off each step as soon as you've done it so that your mind gets the idea that this time you're really serious about your big thoughts. Otherwise it will think that you're daydreaming again!

Do this process a few times and you'll find yourself naturally thinking and dreaming bigger and bigger - and accomplishing the goals as well.

Ways to think and dream bigger

The following listed below are the ways to think bigger and dream bigger.

1. Define what you really want.

Most people have a difficult time answering this question. Yet, without defining what you really want, how else will you achieve your dreams? Take some time and consider this: Think about the perfect day in your life…What is the ONE THING that you’d be doing, which you’d immensely enjoy if you knew you could not fail? Now, envision the details of that one goal. Write it down and begin seeing yourself as if you have already accomplished it. When you can paint a picture of your end results, the rest of the story will begin to open up to you.

2. Plan big.

When we think and dream big we need to put into place mechanisms and actions to make them happen. Otherwise we are just engaging in mindless fantasizing, something that can actually end up hurting the likelihood of us accomplishing great stuff.

Don’t be afraid to sit down and write out what you need to do in order to achieve the goals you have. Doing so will help clarify what needs to be done, will give you an idea of how much work lies ahead, and gives you a blueprint for success in the water.

3. Don’t be afraid of failure.

If you focus too much on all the ways you might fail, or might fall short of your initial goal, you’ll never have the motivation to get started. Everyone fails from time to time, and it’s okay. Make a list of the ways that you might fail or fall short, and accept that they are distinct possibilities as you work to accomplish your big goals. If you do fail, remember that your failure doesn’t define you. Assess what led to your failure and start again.

Keep in mind that success is not a straight line from point A to point B. There will be challenges and setbacks along the way. Learn about some of the challenges you may face and consider how you will handle them.

4. Have patience.

Bigger goals, and the bigger thoughts and dreams that fuel them, require patience. They require patience and consistency of effort. They require you to show up day-in, and day-out in the face of excuses, withering motivation and much more.

This means that you don’t get frustrated at the first sign of resistance. It also means you don’t give up when things aren’t going your way. No one said it was going to be easy. Have the patience to see through the tough moments.

5. Confront the thoughts that are holding you back.

We all have a set of fears and worries when it comes to our goals. We like the idea of having bigger goals and dreams, but a revolving set of anxieties keeps us from fully exploring them: Am I talented enough? Will I have enough time to achieve it? Am I deserving of success?

An easy way to combat this is to write out the fears you have about your goals. Often enough, simply putting these down to paper can help expose the shaky foundations that these beliefs rest on and help you gain a clearer perspective.