New Orleans Halloween/ Voodoo Authentica Voodoo Fest/All Saints Day/ Fats Domino Home Going Second L

I travel to New Orleans several times during the year so I planned my usual trip to New Orleans for Halloween with my regular intention to let off some steam, drink a few hurricanes, eat boudin, celebrate my favorite holiday with the Voodoo Fest at Voodoo Authentica at 612 Dumaine in the French Quarters a beautiful voodoo festival filled with dancing, culture, singing, food, wonderful people, information, performers, drumming and everything in between and its absolutely free and to mingle a bit. New Orleans is always my go to place to let my spirit roam and just be free.

My entire time there my spirit soars. I can't describe this feeling in words but love the feeling which is why I go there often. The history and the people are unmatched when it comes to resilience. I have never come across people who have gone thru so much continue to be tested yet never give up and are just as kind and open to accepting you.

So I was having my regular beautiful time taking tours, hanging on the infamous Bourbon Street, eating the best seafood I have ever tasted, shopping, going to Voodoo Fest, listening to the most talented street musicians imaginable.

A few days before my arrival the Legendary Fats Domino who is a New Orleans Native had passed away. He had remained in the city until his death even during and after hurricane Katrina. When I arrived I did my regular things drink a few daiquiris, eat the amazing creole food and interact with as many people as I can just having a good time. This place is so rich in culture and people from all backgrounds. I saw my many favorite street performers and characters one of my favorite performers named Jennifer.

Jennifer's spirit is so free and kind we truly connected we even took time out during my party like a rock star antics and her street performing to go aside and meditate.. She suggested that that I stay for the Fats Domino Homecoming Second Line as this would be my chance to see the true soul of New Orleans and would be an experience I would never forget. I attempted to call the airline to arrange a later flight or even the next day. I was to leave the day before the parade I and had a base economy seat that the airlines wouldn't let me change or adjust. So I headed to the airport prepared to leave with no idea that as we were about to take off no later than 10 minutes we were headed back to the airport with maintenance issues and were told to call the airlines main number to arrange rescheduling. So I get my extra day! I could hardly contain my excitement that this had just happened and I would be able to stay for the parade. Jennifer and I had exchanged numbers so I was able to contact her and let her know the good news the next day we contacted each other and met up to head to the Legendary Fats Domino's Second Line Homecoming Parade. I was truly overwhelmed with happiness and joy. Everyone joined together to celebrate a wonderful life. They danced, they brought their own instruments and at every street and every turn more and more joined in until it was a sea of thousands of people dressed in blue for his songs Blue Monday and Blueberry Hill. Black, White and any color in between sung and danced. held each other, danced together, laughed and smiled with one another including with me. I have gone to a second line before and had the time of my life. But this experience was soulful, spiritual, accepting, happy, loving, full of talent, cultural, helpful and more than I could have every imagined. It was the true soul of New Orleans!