How to Remain Happy and Positive During the Holidays

How to Remain Happy and Positive During the Holidays

Whatever season it is, Thanksgiving or Christmas, some people dread to hear the word "holiday". This could be attributed to the reason that they are no longer with their loved ones which would eventually make the holiday a lonely or depressing one. Another reason could be that they are not financially where they would like to be. Or are going through various other issues that bring sadness and depression.

Not everyone enjoys the holidays. But here are a few things you can do to a make your holiday a little better and memorable.

Take it One Day at a Time & Don’t Set High Expectations

High expectation begets disappointment which inevitably leads to depression. You shouldn’t expect perfection from others around you. If you are going thru a particularly rough time others may be as well. Accept what they have to offer during holidays. It’s not the price but the thought behind it all. You have to be truthful and realistic. Try to lay more emphasis on spending a nice time with them rather than focusing on what present they have to give you or which trip you intend to go with them.

Stay Active

Staying active is very vital because moving & exercising will keep your body sharp and alert. A healthy body is a happy body. Do things you like to do talk a walk, run, play sports with family members, engage in holiday parties where they have games and with people that can keep you happy and busy doing things that will make you happy and keep your mind off of being sad. This way, you will get to spend quality time with them burning those calories and lift your spirits.

Provide Assistance to Others

In a situation where your loved ones are not around to celebrate the holiday with you, you are bound to be bored and find the holiday a bit blah. You can take an active role lending help to those in need of it during a holiday. You can invite friends who are also in the same position as you are to spend some quality time with you. You can visit the shelter or foster home, if able surprise someone with gifts and spend a great time with them. It gives us so much joy giving help than to those that dearly need it.

Know that things get Better

Where you are now is not your final destination. Sometimes when things seem to be falling apart they are actually falling into place. We are all on our own journey and this just may be a rough patch you have to go thru. Set your sights on setting new goals with the upcoming New Year. Get that certification to get a better job, start that business, research those investments, prepare to go back to school, look into what you need to do to get you to the next level. It is never the end unless you say it is. Learn the lesson it is all preparing you for the next step.

Take Care of Yourself

For you to enjoy a holiday it doesn’t hurt to be in a good place mind, body and spirit. This can only be obtained if you take good care of yourself. How can you do this? You have to get enough sleep for yourself. You can make time for yourself to have some quiet time and create a space that will bring you peace. You eat good and adequate foods. Take a relaxing bath add bubbles, candles or your favorite oils or herbs. You can also enjoy that peace and quiet of reading a book you have been longing to read. You can also connect yourself with those hobbies that you have not had time for.

The holidays don't have to be sad and depressing. It should be a time to enjoy yourself with your loved ones. Appreciate those around you appreciate your life while applauding yourself for being strong and conquering another year. It should also be the period of making those around you happy including yourself. Nothing could ever replace a loved one, but they would also want you to be happy as well. Stay positive! Keep looking forward. And take it one day at a time.