Why the Glass is Half-Full

Why the Glass is Half-Full

Once upon a time I wanted to know how are some people upbeat all the time? Other people that were around me found these type of always happy and upbeat people somewhat annoying. I admired them because i wanted to know what the secret was. When they were all around me with their smiles and their laughter, it made me even more intrigued. It had to be a secret.

And I wasn’t alone in feeling like this; after all, I’m kinda betting that’s how you feel too. If you are trying to harbor more positive thoughts in your life, then it’s likely because you tend to focus more on the bad things in life.

While every now and then that kind of perspective is healthy and beneficial because when negative thoughts arise you should let them surface so you can face them and deal. Not sweep them under the rug only to be tripped over later—how can we improve if we don’t recognize what’s wrong?

So here’s what you should do to make sure that your world and your life is always half-full instead of half-empty:

Take Stock of What You Have

First of all, just try to remember that you most probably can do the following: you can see, hear, talk, smell, and taste. In all likelihood you also have two hands and two feet. Even if you’re missing one of these, it’s incredibly unlikely that you’re missing all of these. So count your blessings, and remember that not everyone is as blessed as you.

Then after you’ve affirmed that you have most of your anatomical gear in your possession, acknowledge if you have something to eat every day, and roof to keep over your head. If you have all that, then you have it better than some folks in the world.

Consciously Enjoy What You Have

It’s one thing to list down all the good things you have right now. But it’s another thing to really feel it. You can really do that by doing some sort of mini-deprivation exercises.

Try to watch a favorite TV show, for example, by having your eyes closed all the time. Or perhaps you can try to spend the whole day without music. If you have a favorite possession, lend it to someone else for a while, and see how that goes.

Isn’t it nice that you have the option of getting it all back?

Take time daily to write a list of things and people you are grateful for. I have a journal that I write in daily if time permits. I sit and think of 5-10 things daily that I am happy about, feel grateful for or love. This creates a wonderful a few times I have cried tears of happiness thinking of the things I have or situations I was able to move past and still be of sound mind and body.

Be Open to More

No situation is permanent and can be changed. So if you are having a hard time right now or don't know how you will make it past the circumstance that's going on in your life at the moment. Remind yourself that your current situation is not your final destination! Use this time to build strength, wisdom, courage and prepare mentally, spiritually and physically for what lies ahead and in the future. Sometimes you go thru circumstances to build you and prepare you for whats next in your life. There is a a saying that "We repeat what we don't repair". Acknowledge that things do happen. If you made a mistake or fell short forgive yourself and remember the lesson. Life will always happen and no one is exempt. I go into what may seem like a set back looking for the lesson in it all and what I am to take away form the situation. That will help me elevate as a person in my personal life and business. When you think things are falling apart they are actually falling into place.