I Don’t Get Older…. I Level Up!

This year on February 8th I will be turning 46 years old. I am way too excited….

I know you are probably wondering what in the world is wrong with her?? J Trust me I am as normal as you are, but being that we were created to create and determine what we experience by how we feel and think. I create a positive outlook on getting older or aging. Undoubtedly, getting older with every passing day can be a challenge to some but taking it positively can eliminate the fear and aid you in living your life authentically for the rest of the time you have to live. Aging has not affected me as much as it has some people that take it as a sign that their life is over. But that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Wrinkles on your face shows I have laughed,

Grey hair shows you have cared, and,

My scars shows that I’ve lived my life to the fullest.

When we were younger we were all dying to grow up. As soon as you get to adulthood you waste your life away worrying about what bills to pay, building your credit to buy that perfect house, who will babysit the kids, how much will I have left from this paycheck. Very seldom do we start adulthood doing exactly what we want to do. Living Life

At a very young age you are pretty much programmed on what to do and how you should live your life. You go off to school, get a good job, find someone to marry and just sit quietly until you pass away slaving over a hot stove or 16 hour job doing nothing. This is the goal. And too often too many people think this is etched in stone. This is also furthest from the truth.

You were born to do more than just pay bills and die. And so often I see a small portion on my social media timeline living life and doing what they want to do because it makes them happy and a larger portion of those that think about what it will look like to someone else so they don’t live at all or don’t live freely. How often do you see that RIP to someone you knew or have said your final good byes to those you thought would be around forever. Everyone has their time. And the #1 regret people have on their death bed is the fact they didn’t do everything they wanted to do.

“Do not regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many”

No one is exempt from going thru life but as you go thru life this can help you discover the best person inside of you after year as we all know “Experience is the best teacher”. Despite the fact that age is only represented via a number, it is a life experience, learning experience, love experience and an experience that makes oneself build strength by gaining a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Hence, there is nothing wrong in saying that “age is not just a number”.

My ways to foster positive attitude towards aging

I believe that this period of my life flourishes the same way as it used to be years ago when I was young with more wisdom and patience of course.

Below are my tips for growing happier with age;

  • Learning and earning is still my life’s part

Innovation in technology has been one of the plus points in the 21st century. Where on one hand it allows me to learn something new with every single passing day, on the other hand I am capable to generate some extra- income from home. According to the latest research study, learning something new regularly ensures improvement in memory alongside providing protection to the brain tissues. Learning can also be considered as an effective exercise for your brain.

  • Quality time with family and friends

One of the biggest changes I discovered in me is the connection while spending time with my friends and family now makes me feel connected and therefore happier.

  • Staying physically fit and active

With growing age, it is a must to maintain health and fitness every day. Experts suggest that 30 minutes walking or exercising refreshes the mind and assist all the body parts keep on working.

  • Build positive emotions for yourself

Recalling your teenage down moments and knowing that you have grown and progressed past that as well as experiencing positive emotions can help one feel good. Look how far you have come not at how far you still have to go. Through the challenges keep being optimistic and feeling positively about yourself which can help in cope with the challenges. You made it thru the toughest times thru your life already.

  • Reduce the stress of your life

Stressing about your life with overthinking removes the happiness you can be feeling now. Somethings you can’t control and the things you can make those steps towards changing them. If someone or something is not making you happy take the necessary steps to find your own happiness that works for you.

I can assure you this birthday and year will be no different from past ones except with bigger gut busting laughs and greater expectations.