When asked questions like ‘do you love yourself?’ or ‘do you love who you have become?’ The answer is almost always in the affirmative.

The question would be can we confidently profess this self-love when it comes to actions? Before answering, think deeply, how well do you love yourself? The answer of that would be in how well you care for yourself and most importantly, how much ‘you’ time you make for ‘yourself’.

Usually, it is easy for us to love and expect others to create time for us when it comes to personal relationships. But what about the time you create for yourself?

In this article, we are going to focus on some amazing benefits of making time for yourself and why you should do it more often.

Why you should make some personal time

It boosts your inner YOU.

Some private time isn’t just necessary, it is crucial to your mental, emotional and physical health. Taking out some time to do what you love, and to enjoy your own company, can help boost your inner health and healing and self-confidence. Today, we live in a world where socializing is over rated. A lot of programs teach us how to talk, mingle and get along, and neglect the need for personal comfort and having a self-relationship. You are you. Awesome, amazing, talented and beautiful/handsome you; but sometimes, the world gets so busy, and we get lost in the crowd. Some private time can however, remind you of just how awesome you are.

It allows time for personal motivation.

Are you an athlete, a corporate person, or even a young individual with dreams? Making time for yourself can allow you reminisce over your inner strength and abilities. After reading the books, after the conferences and after the whole after the screaming kids and small emergency crises you need to believe and decide that you can actually make it! Through it all whatever may come your way. That self-motivation and personal confidence is the final seal on how far you will go, and making time for yourself allows you to self-motivate. So, before every major activity, exercise and deal, always make out a special time for yourself, do what you love and then tell yourself you can!

It teaches you to love yourself more.

A lot of us find it easy to hang out with friends or family for hours but when it comes to ourselves, it just doesn’t seem right. Self-Focus is NOT selfish. Making time for yourself teaches you to appreciate who you are more, to love the inner person more and most of all, to be comfortable in your own skin.We are not trying to undermine cordial relationships with others; but if you are going to mingle with people, it shouldn’t be because you are uncomfortable and bored with who you really are. Take yourself out on dates, do the things you love, and enjoy some personal time.

It gives you time for Self-reflection.

Self-assessment and Self-forgiveness are key factors of a happy life. We need to consistently love ourselves, accept the mistakes we have made, learn from them and move on. When we make time for ourselves, we make room for self-reflection. It helps you fight off stress. Relaxing and unwinding your own way can help you fight off stress and fatigue. Sometimes, all you need to feel better is some personal time.