The Importance of Watching Your Self-Talk

Comparison is natural in humans, it has somehow become a valid measurement for how good or bad we are doing in our own lives. But comparison is bad and always causes a downward spiral with a long rugged climb back to the top. This is where positive self-talk comes in. You are what you say you are and whatsoever you believe you become. There are too many distractions in this world today lurking and waiting to tell us that we are not enough. Our minds are extremely susceptible to outside opinions and influences. This is why you have got to stay in your own lane and focus on your own growth instead of veering over into others’ lanes.

Positive self-talk does not come naturally for most people, for most people that requires practice, discipline and the willingness to out-talk your negative thoughts when they show up. It is not a question of if your negative thoughts will show up, it is a question of when they will show up because they always do. Making appearances when you seem to have your positive self-talk down to a “T”. You go through your day unscathed then those sneaky little thoughts show up, knock you out and you are down for the count. It is entirely up to you and only you to drive out negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. That responsibility starts with watching what you say to yourself when you are by yourself as well as around others.

Pay close attention to how you speak to and about yourself, when you are alone as well as when you are around others. Does the dialogue differ? Do you notice that when you are alone you are harsher to yourself than when you are around and interacting with others? Ask yourself if you would talk to your best friend in that way and see what your response would be; you might be surprised. It is incredible if you really ponder on the idea; we speak to ourselves as if we are not fragile, complex human beings who thrive off of love. Often times we find ourselves speaking to others in the opposite manner; gentle, forgiving and kind. But there is another side to that and that is when we are so engulfed in our own negative self-talk, we express that in the way we speak to others. Positive self-talk not only gives ourselves permission to shine our light but it also gives others permission to shine their own light.

Having a positive self-talk routine is not just important for your mental, physical and emotion health, it is absolutely necessary. Without a positive dialogue you will not have a healthy relationship with yourself or with others. Of course this will take time, effort, practice and the willingness to improve. Do not be dismayed if you do not have a track record of sticking to positive self-talk, most people do not; that is why it requires constant repetition until it becomes a habit. With practice, positive self-talk will become second nature and over time you will do it without thinking about it.